New Range of High Performance Waste Water Pumps


A new Danish company, PxPumps A/S, has started production and worldwide marketing of a completely new range of high-performance pumps, primarily for wastewater handling.

Initially, there will be a base range of five models in power range of 0,655 kW to 92 kW. Distribution will be through many former Pumpex distributors and several new dealer agreements that have already been negotiated to ensure immediate and efficient market coverage. Later in the year, PxPumps will complement the wastewater pumps with a range of dewatering pumps.

The new pumps offer increased performance with high quality electric motors and improved impellor design. For faster, easier maintenance, the entire range of the new PxPumps will be fitted with only 2 or 4 latch bolts, making it much simpler and faster to inspect the impeller. The pumps overcome the problem of overheating with an internal cooling jacket ­ a feature, which the company believes to be unique in wastewater pumps. Because the pump is able to safely run continuously, it will prevent sedimentation at the bottom for more complete emptying.

PXPumps will also offer its customers a newly developed software package called "PXpert". The software, which is now available, enables customers to evaluate different pump configurations to determine the most efficient solution from a combination of factors including duty points, head-loss calculation, dimensions, and efficiency.

The CEO of PXPumps, Henrik Mogensen, with over 25 years experience as the distributor in Denmark for Swedish pumps manufacturer Pumpex AB, emphasized the importance of the strength and market knowledge of local representation and the fact that the new company had already put in place a worldwide distribution network.

"Pumpex A/S, as the Danish dealer for Pumpex, has been the leading supplier of waste water lifting stations in Denmark for over 8 years and became the world's biggest distributor of Pumpex products. We intend to maintain this position and grow the market with the PxPumps range by demonstrating the same level of professionalism and customer support services and by providing newer, even more advanced pumping technology," says Henrik Mogensen.

All pumps will be produced in Denmark, in a modern facility featuring an advanced CNC machine center and quality control center able to test pumps up to 100 kW. Each pump will be tested for six duties including flow, head and power on a fully automatic test bench.

Because of the financial strength of Pumpex A/S and its holding company, EuroPumps A/S, the new company has been able to put in place an extensive dealer network, a modern production facility and sales support services from the very beginning. This will enable the company to aggressively promote the full range around the world.

Source: PxPumps A/S

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