25 Years Providing Export-Marketing Services
for Canadian Mining Suppliers


A group of Canadian mining suppliers were sitting around the swimming pool of their hotel in Lima, Peru in 1981, when they realized that there were things they could do together to benefit all in marketing to the global mining industry. This realization was the moment of conception of OMESE ­ Ontario Mining Equipment and Services for Export, which was formally founded after their return to Canada, and led to the national association, CAMESE, five years later.

During the first decade, the membership grew, but never passed 40 companies. However, in 1993 a program was undertaken that resulted in growth to 100 members by early 1994. Then, CAMESE set out to vastly improve services to members, such as newsletters, exhibition pavilions and marketing advice. Now CAMESE boasts more than 250 member firms.

A strategy was also developed to try to raise government financial support to about 15% of revenues, in order to make the association's export marketing services high quality and viable over the long term. CAMESE's first partner was Ontario's Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, followed by the federal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. While the Ontario program has ended, International Trade Canada still provides annual support of about 5% of CAMESE's budget.

Photo Caption: The intrepid founders of CAMESE on the tarmac in Lima, Peru, in 1981. In the front row, left to right: Jon Baird, Scintrex (now Managing Director of CAMESE); Peter Klopcic, Government of Ontario; Jean-Yves Roy, Jarvis Clark; unknown; Frank Aimone, Heath & Sherwood. In the back, left to right: Vic Defago, Hepburn; unknown; Bob Parsons, Sr. JKS Smit.

Please forward information on Klopcic, Roy, and the unknowns to baird@camese.org. 

Over the period from 1995 to present, CAMESE has organized Canadian participation at 99 international mining events. These have involved 1723 supplier booths, 1778 posters shown in CAMESE booths and 7828 business leads reported back to members as a result of posters shown. A total of nearly 45 000 CAMESE source books called the Compendium of Canadian Mining Suppliers have been given out at these events.

The CAMESE Compendium has been developed into a first-class, cost-effective means for Canadian mining suppliers to gain exposure in the Canadian and international markets. In the last few years, traffic on the association's web site at www.camese.org has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2005, 383 248 user sessions led to over 1,9 million page views, 61% of which were on member profiles and 160 915 were related to connecting with member web sites or e-mail.

Every time CAMESE mounts a Canada Pavilion at a mining exhibition; every time they produce a new CAMESE Compendium, or report increased traffic on their web site; every time they advocate to government for the mining industry and its suppliers, or every time that they pass business leads along to members, credit goes to the goal of that group in Lima in 1981: "to do things together for the cost-effective benefit of all."

Indeed, over the first 25 years, CAMESE has had great success. It stands among the very best export trade associations of all sectors in Canada and at the top of mining supplier associations in the world.

Source: Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services - CAMESE

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