RustGard UV Coating Extends
Brake Shoe and Lining Life


New RustGard UV brake shoe coating from Carlisle/Altec solves the problem of rust-jacking and premature truck brake lining failure due to rusting brake shoes. Rust-jacking is caused by corrosive materials sprayed on highways to address slippery road conditions, typically magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and road salt. Lab and field tests have proven remanufactured brake shoes with RustGard UV coating to be extremely resistant to chemical, heat, and water exposure.

In order to validate RustGard's performance, Carlisle conducted extensive testing in accordance with ASTM B-117, salt spray test. These tests indicate that brake shoes without linings and coated with industry-standard paint had 50% surface rusting after only 24 hours of exposure, as compared to RustGard-coated/painted shoes which had less than 10% surface rusting after 250 hours of exposure. Tests conducted on brake shoes with linings yielded similar results. Shoes with industry-standard paint coating had 50% surface rusting with deep pitting after 170 hours of exposure, whereas RustGard-coated/painted shoes had less than 10% surface rusting after 1450 hours of exposure.

Additional testing showed that RustGard withstands temperatures up to 500°F for six hours without affecting performance. RustGard also passed the 100 MEK (methyl ethyl keytone) double resistance chemical test.

Source: Carlisle Motion Control Industries, Inc.

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