ECOPATH to Showcase Asphalt Rubber Blending Plants
at World of Asphalt 2006

ECOPATH, a member of the STRATCO Global family of companies headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, has attracted worldwide recognition and interest through its custom-designed asphalt rubber blending plants and leading-edge, field proven technologies. ECOPATH will be exhibiting their innovative and environmentally sound product line at the World of Asphalt 2006 Show & Conference in Orlando, Florida.

"Attending the World of Asphalt 2006 show offers us an incredible opportunity to educate contractors and road maintenance companies about the exceptional benefits of using ECOPATH rubberized asphalt," said Diane Graham, president of STRATCO Global. "It's the right choice for any area requiring durable pavement, such as highways, roads and runways."

In fact, asphalt rubber is far more resilient than traditional materials, resisting cracking and potholing due to temperature extremes and other stressors, making it ideal for a wide variety of climates.

ECOPATH asphalt rubber also provides noise reduction and is an environmentally responsible choice. Each year, millions of rubber tires are discarded worldwide. Through ECOPATH, this environmental waste is recycled. Roads become quieter, more durable and safer, making it a popular choice with the public.

"The durability of the asphalt rubber blends developed through ECOPATH also offers long-term savings for construction," Graham continued, "as far less maintenance is required. On average, an ECOPATH surface will last nearly twice as long as traditional paving materials, under a variety of load conditions."

ECOPATH's custom designed, highly versatile and durable asphalt rubber blending plants are compatible with any asphalt hotmix plant. Its computer controlled blending systems consistently produce high quality homogenous asphalt rubber binder, at a field verified rate of up to 45 t/h. Flexible design options allow for the production of polymer-modified asphalt, dry process rubberized asphalt and combination polymer/rubber modified asphalt.

ECOPATH technologies and blending units are currently in use across the Western United States, as well as internationally. ECOPATH technologies are being used to pave in Russia, specifically the Surgut region of Siberia, as well as Spain, and a growing number of European countries.

Source: STRATCO Global

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