Subaru Robin Introduces
Balloon Light Tower


Best known for its engines, pumps and generators, Subaru Robin expands its product lines with a new balloon light tower. The system casts an even 360° glow, making it ideal for road construction, special events, parties and parking lot lighting.

The balloon light tower's design keeps the unit compact for easy transport. Set-up is simple with fold-out outriggers, an easy-to-operate manual winch and steerable pneumatic wheels. The balloon self-inflates to 1,2 m in diameter, providing a brilliant 110 000 lm from the 1000 W metal halide lamp. A three-stage mast extends the light to a height of 4,3 m.

Additionally, the light tower includes a standard 40 W sublight. When the halide lamp is shut down to cool before reassembly for transport begins, the sublight continues to glow, making shutdown safer and more convenient.

The balloon light can be powered by a conventional or inverter generator, which is sold separately, or run on commercial power. Adding Subaru Robin's ultra-quiet inverter generator to the balloon light cart provides the best solution for noise-free illumination in any situation.

Source: Robin America, Inc.

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