Vermeer's RTX1250 Features
New Quad-Track Design


Vermeer Manufacturing Company introduces the innovative Vermeer® RTX1250 ride-on trencher with a quad-track design. This unique application of the quad-track concept delivers exceptional traction and stability with outstanding flotation in soft or sandy soils.

The quad-track design enhances the performance of the standard dual track system. For example, the RTX1250 has relatively no break-over point, which improves operator comfort and control. In addition, the quad-track design maximizes tractive effort and stability by maintaining constant four-point ground contact and providing full power to all four tracks. The ground drive features available on rubber-tire units, such as axle oscillation, four-wheel steer and crab steering, are also functional with the quad tracks.

The specialized undercarriage system with suspension offers a new level of versatility by fitting either rubber tires or tracks, depending on ground conditions and application needs.

Vermeer has an exclusive agreement with Loegering Manufacturing, Inc. for the RTX1250 track design. Loegering is a leader in the development of a wide range of track systems.

The RTX1250 features a 120 hp Cummins engine that delivers a more aggressive torque curve. This results in a 5 hp power bulge that allows the RTX1250 to run at maximum horsepower in work mode.

All attachment controls on the RTX1250 trencher's operator station are located within easy reach. The operator's station also rotates over 90°. The attachment controls rotate with the operator, keeping them within easy reach at all times. The RTX1250 also features automotive-style steering, a servo-controlled ground-drive system and standard planetary axles.

In addition, the RTX1250 exclusive forward/reverse ground-drive foot pedal with patented creep override leaves the operator's hands free to control the many versatile tools.

The RTX1250 attachment options include a center-mounted trencher, hydrostatic plow, rockwheel and backhoe. A joystick control featuring a float position for a six-way backfill blade allows smooth backfilling and finish work. Standard backhoe remote controls permit the operator to precisely reposition the machine without leaving the backhoe operator's station.

Source: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

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