New Vocational Applications for
Carlisle's OE Approved WT56

Carlisle Motion Control Industries, Inc. is releasing their proven WT56 transit material in several new FMSI numbers for transit as well as for new vocational applications. With broad OE Transit Approval, WT56 is ideal for refuse, concrete, logging, sand & gravel, oil delivery, and beverage transport, as well as additional transit applications. WT56 offers the stopping power required for these tough vocational applications with a rating of 11 350 kg on a 18 cm brake. The quiet nature of the WT56 makes this lining an excellent choice for noise sensitive applications.

Carlisle's WT56 friction material has been formulated to handle the high heat found in multiple stop & heavy load braking common in transit and other vocational applications. This high resistance to heat allows WT56 to provide positive stopping performance throughout the brake's entire duty cycle. Federal regulations for brake recovery, fade, and effectiveness outlined in the F.M.V.S.S. #121 inertia dynamometer test procedure are easily met by WT56. This friction material offers a unique combination of stopping power, long lining life and excellent drum compatibility.

Source: Carlisle Motion Control Industries, Inc.

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