Mustang's Fourth Zero-Tail-Swing Model

Mustang Manufacturing Company is introducing a new zero-tail-swing compact excavator model ­ the model 2803ZT. The machine offers unmatched stability, a large, comfortable operator's station and easy access to maintenance points.

Eliminating rear overhang is the main ambition of the agile zero-tail-swing design. However, the 2803ZT goes a step farther by enhancing stability with a longer undercarriage. The slim machine offers a sturdy track width and optional counterweight, creating an even more stable machine.

The compact nature of the zero-tail-swing 2803ZT does not mean a cramped operator. In fact, the cab of the compact excavator is one of the largest in its class. The spacious cab is low in height, making low-clearance entries a snap for operators.

The 2803ZT also features a side-mounted engine and rear-mounted hydraulic and fuel tanks, giving mechanics easy access to all maintenance points.

Transport by trailer is possible with the new compact excavator, thanks to its low weight. With two driving speeds, pilot-operated pedals and an X-shaped chassis frame of high-strength steel, the 2803ZT is strong enough for tough applications yet gentle enough to reduce operator fatigue.

Source: Mustang Manufacturing Company

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