P.A.M. selected for MIP2008
at the World of Concrete


At the World of Concrete, held in Las Vegas in January 2008, RNP Industries presented the P.A.M. (Positioner-Actuator Manipulator) selected for the (MIP2008) "Most Innovative Product" of the year in the "Demolition and Repair" category. P.A.M. is the first assisted hydraulic support system that eliminates vibrations and weight for concrete removal tools.

Anyone who have experience holding a chipping hammer all day knows how painful this job can be. P.A.M. will support pneumatic hammers, breakers, rivet buster, hydro demolition lance and many other tools. It will change the way concrete removal is done. With P.A.M., it's now possible to increase productivity by 300% and improve safety at the same time. It will do the dirty job and let the man do the easy one. Put your tool on the carrier connect your pneumatic line to the unit and you're all set to work. It's like an electronic game controller, aim the tool where you needed and let P.A.M. do the job.

P.A.M. advanced and unique technology is design for surface preparation of concrete restoration and provides effortless handling for the worker. It does all the supporting and the positioning for overhead work, beams, walls and inclined surfaces. The benefits are immediate. It improves worker quality of life. You can now focus on increasing contracts capacity.

This breakthrough is the missing link in concrete chipping. It's a no brainer!

Source: RNP Industries Inc., (450) 437-5355


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