CGER is Sure about Cimline

The Centre de gestion de l’équipement roulant (CGER) has awarded the purchase of a Cimline 230 DH melter/applicator to J.A. Larue Inc. of Quebec City.

CGER is a centralised agency mandated to procure and supply equipment and materiel to provincial and municipal agencies throughout Quebec. This allows the most effective use of expertise and buying power to be applied on behalf of agencies whose speciality is something other than buying, selling or servicing products, in this case the village of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.

This community turned to the CGER to help them obtain a machine to fill pavement cracks on municipal roads. With the municipality being the pavement maintenance experts and CGER the equipment experts, the choice of the Cimline MAGMA 230 DH makes for an informed choice.

The Cimline MAGMA series melter/applicator represents the most reliable and highest productivity machine available in Canada.

A sturdy tubular steel frame and torsion axles make for a durable platform on top of which is constructed Cimlines’ famous “Obround” material tank, featuring rotary agitation and high efficiency angled burner design with full-time “Internal Material Recovery”. The 290 000 BTU diesel burner provides MAGMA users the fastest start-up and re-heat times available in the industry, with no need for troublesome overnight heaters that deteriorate the Heat Transfer Oil. The Superflex electrically heated hose, true fully digital temperature controls and an industry-leading low loading height of only 1200 mm, make the MAGMA 230 DH the easiest and safest machine to use and it is preferred by operators across the country over competitive systems.

By selecting Cimline, CGER has not just chosen the leading hot rubber cracksealing equipment available but has also chosen the leading supplier of pavement maintenance equipment to support them. As part of the Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group (CPMG), Cimline engineers and specialists join a burgeoning team of experts at Durapatcher and Equipt to provide information and support for all kinds of pavement preservation projects and machinery. The CPMG organization also supports an extensive network of dealers like J.A. Larue, who provide local parts, service and technical support to municipalities and contractors.

Cimline is proud to work in conjunction with CGER and J.A. Larue to provide top quality equipment to the dedicated crews in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.

Source: Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group

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