CON-E-CO Introduces Intelli-Drive

CON-E-CO, an Oshkosh Corporation company, today introduced a new Intelli-Drive™ Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system that monitors a batch plant’s activity and decelerates the drum’s rotation between batches or when mix time has been exceeded. The result is increased component life, reduced maintenance costs, less spatter (and clean up time) and optimized discharge speed.

With the Intelli-Drive VFD, when in a reduced speed mode between batches, less stress is placed on components such as the rollers, roller track, pinion gears and ring gears. The Intelli-Drive VFD system also lessens wear on items such as the drum liners and paddle liners. When the Process Logic Controller (PLC) senses the drum being loaded, it speeds the mixer back up to the ideal mixing speed. Once the mixer begins tilting for discharge, the PLC again slows the mixer’s rotation.

“The CON-E-CO Intelli-Drive VFD system is another example of our listening and responding to customers’ needs for longer component life and reduced maintenance costs,” said Neil Smith, CON-E-CO general manager. “Moreover, the system’s ability to adjust itself and operate at optimal speed is an important benefit. Initial customer feedback has been tremendous.”

The Intelli-Drive VFD system features an automatic operation that is completely independent of the plant operator, allowing for easy installation with any brand of automation or tilt mixer.

Source: Concrete Equipment Company

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