Elemix Concrete Additive Launches at World of Concrete 2009

Elemix® concrete additive made its market debut at World of Concrete 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Elemix additive utilizes advanced polymer technology to consistently deliver energy efficient, durable, lightweight concrete.

Comprised of specially formulated polymeric spheres, Elemix concrete additive distributes uniformly in concrete, providing lightweight, durable concrete for structural and non-structural applications. With a closed cell honeycomb-like interior structure, Elemix additive has the unique ability to absorb energy, which reduces cracking and improves thermal energy efficiency in concrete applications.

“Elemix additive has been a great product to work with. Its lightweight characteristics have allowed us to build faster, with less blow-outs and a better overall pour,” said Oscar Peralta, president, GMI Group.

Manufactured to exact tolerances, Elemix additive ultimately reduces the variability in concrete mixtures, delivering a more consistent batch – every time. Concrete formulated with Elemix additive allows the producer to customize lower unit weights, while improving the physical characteristics of concrete – pumping improves, thermal performance increases and durability is better – resulting in an enhanced, lightweight concrete product.

“With Elemix additive, we are able to provide a unique product to the marketplace. It is the most revolutionary new product in decades,” stated Ted Kienstra Jr., owner, Kienstra Ready Mixed Concrete.
Elemix additive is suitable for any application where lightweight and durability are important including: ready mix, manufactured concrete products, precast and prestressed applications.

Source: SYNTHEON® Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of NOVA Chemicals Inc.

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