FINN Introduces the MTS: Material Transfer

With the ability to carry and discharge a variety of materials including aggregate, soil mixes, mulch, sand and palletized loads, the new MTS (Material Transfer System) from FINN Corporation is the first of its kind in the company’s product line. Using a state-of-the-art hydraulic system that is electronically controlled and ultimately reliable, the MTS enhances productivity and minimizes effort for the end-user.

The MTS offers several unique features, most notable are the reversible main floor conveyor and cross belt. The reversible cross belt is exclusive to the MTS and gives the user the option to unload material from either side of the machine – curbside or road-side. The belt moves material and directly dumps it into the wheelbarrow, saving the user from the strenuous and time-consuming task of shoveling. Furthermore, the main reversible conveyor floor combined with the wide-opening rear door allows an entire load to be dumped in less than a minute. Speeds for both the main conveyor floor and cross belt are independently adjustable, allowing complete control over material flow rates.

With the ability to fill a wheelbarrow in four seconds, the MTS does the same amount of work in a fraction of the time it would take with the traditional shoveling method. If material needs to be removed from a jobsite, the multi purpose vacuum provides for fast and easy clean up of leaves and grass clippings — wet or dry — and other debris.

The 11,5 m3, 5000 kg capacity hopper is constructed of lightweight, yet durable aluminum. With an empty weight of 3084 kg, the MTS is light enough to be towed by most ¾-ton trucks, yet built to handle the heaviest loads, thanks to the steel trailer chassis.

The MTS powers both using a single 25-hp Kohler Command Pro gasoline engine. This not only reduces maintenance requirements, but total fuel consumption as well.
To further reduce the amount of moving parts, the MTS has a unique sloped design on the front of the unit, which uses simple geometry to accurately feed material onto the conveyor belts. This eliminates the need for moving parts such as augers or agitators used to direct material onto the belt, reducing the potential for expensive repairs and costly downtime, while increasing safety.

FINN backs the MTS with a standard one-year warranty, while the engine carries a two-year warranty. Other standard features include a Roll-Rite™ electric tarp system, which quickly and easily secures into place with a push of a button to protect material from rain, wind, sunlight and other elements.

Source: FINN Corporation

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