Fordia Creates Core Bit Solution for Geotechnical Industry

Following numerous customer requests from the geotechnical industry for core bits that were specifically built to their requirements, Fordia has responded with the development of the Geo Hawk diamond tool series.

Fordia, a Canadian manufacturing company, specializes in the fields of mineral exploration and core drilling. For over 30 years, the company has also been offering diamond core bits and other specific products to the geotechnical field.

The Geo Hawk diamond tool series is designed with technical specifications particular to the geotechnical industry. With adapted sizes and diamond impregnation heights, the core bit series has everything needed to fulfill the needs of any geotechnical drilling company.
Geo Hawk core bits are made in Canada according to ISO 9001: 2008 norms. Moreover, they are manufactured using diamonds cast directly into a matrix using a process that does not affect the cutting abilities of the tool.

Fordia has enabled workers to facilitate the choice of a matrix and consider the type of ground to be drilled by defining the Geo Hawk core bits with a simple and efficient color code. A selection of four matrices is available to cover the complete range of ground types, ensuring an optimal performance in relation with the type of work to be done.

Backed by a competitive cost and the reputable quality of Fordia’s diamond tools already used in mineral exploration, Geo Hawk core bits will facilitate productivity on worldwide geotechnical work sites.

Source: Fordia

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