Kenworth Hybrid Service Truck for Field Service Operations

Kenworth Truck Company introduced its first diesel-electric hybrid truck in a service application at the recent World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas.

Kenworth’s goal is to enhance fuel economy by up to 50% with the new Kenworth T270 hybrid service truck, which is expected to draw interest for use in various service applications in construction and other industries.

“Service applications are perfect for the hybrid due to the various onboard tools and diagnostic equipment mechanics use and the stop-and-go pace of moving from location to location to fix equipment,” said Gary Moore, Kenworth assistant general manager for marketing and sales. “Instead of idling the engine to run the crane and other equipment, a mechanic can operate them on electric power, which reduces emissions. That allows companies to go ‘green,’ helping the environment.”

The Kenworth T270 hybrid is powered by a 260 hp PACCAR PX-6 engine, and features an integral transmission-mounted motor/generator, a frame-mounted 340 V battery pack and a dedicated power management system. The power management system provides electricity to run a 4500 kg hydraulic crane. Sundt Construction of Tempe, Arizona, will take delivery of the Class 6 truck, equipped with a Valew mechanic’s field service body.

Source: Kenworth Truck Company

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