A Revolution in Tire Protection

RUD Erlau has chosen Intermat to showcase an entirely new product which is set to save a fortune in earthmover tires. The company is well-known for having pioneered the tire traction and protection chains that are now considered essential to cost-effective load and haul operations in quarries and mines around the world.

While RUD-Erlau chains have been protecting loader tires for 65 years, until now, truck tires have remained vulnerable to sidewall damage from haul road rock debris and accidental impact. Since comprehensive tire protection would slow the trucks and raise fuel consumption to unacceptable levels, damage limitation, to date, has required employing an expensive shovel or a dozer to keep the roadways clean.

To overcome these problems and to give truck tires the same protection as loader tires, RUD-Erlau designers got together with the operators and, drawing on their many years of experience developing chain-based products, created the Sideflex.

Easy to fit, Sideflex provides a robust but lightweight shield which deflects rock debris from the tire wall.
Field-trialed, tested and, now, patented, the Sideflex' appearance is novel. Arms radiate from a central retaining ring and tension triangular segments of chain. The entire assembly fits firmly within the wheel hub and almost brushes the ground preventing sharp rocks from penetrating the tire-wall.

Definitely distinctive, the lightweight Sideflex is simple, effective and, most importantly, saves tires and improves productivity.

Source: RUD-Erlau AG

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