Tanfield Takes Electric Vehicles to North America

The Tanfield Group Plc, the leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and commercial electric vehicles, is pleased to announce the incorporation of Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation (SEV US Corp).

Tanfield has signed Heads of Terms regarding the establishment of SEV US Corp, the funding of SEV US Corp, the licence of intellectual property rights to SEV US Corp, and the provision by Tanfield of support services. 
SEV US Corp will be a privately-owned company, in which Tanfield will have a 49% stake. As a 51% American-owned business, SEV US Corp qualifies to apply for the substantial Federal and regional funding currently available for electric vehicle manufacturers in the U.S.

SEV US Corp intends to commence production of the Smith Newton truck for sale in North America during 2009, with further zero emission product lines to follow in the truck, van and light van sectors. The Smith Newton is based on the Avia truck chassis and is available in configurations from 7500 kg to 12 000 kg gross vehicle weight which equate to North American Class 5 and 6 medium duty trucks.

Source: The Tanfield Group Plc

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