Vermeer Flex-Angle Drill for Geothermal Loop Installations

Vermeer Corporation has introduced two new products designed specifically to assist with geothermal field loop installations. The D20x22FX Series II will be the industry’s first flex-angle drill capable of drilling at any specified angle ranging from 18 to 90°. Engineered with input and feedback from contractors who specialize in geothermal loop system installations, specifically for residential applications, the D20x22FX Series II is another Vermeer product innovation in response to the increasing worldwide focus on renewable energy.

Capable of completing vertical and steep-angle geothermal loop installations, the D20x22FX Series II is also a fully functioning horizontal directional drill that can install horizontal loops as well as conventional utilities. This feature offers exceptional adaptability in meeting varying project specifications.

The Navigator D20x22FX Series II flex-angle drill comes equipped with an automated rod loader that is modeled after a conventional HDD rod loader with modifications to operate at the fully vertical position. This feature eliminates the need to manually handle each rod, enhancing productivity and operator safety. The auto-drill feature allows the operator to set thrust / pullback speed, pressure or rotation modes and revert back to original setting with the simple push of a button.

At only 165 cm in width, the D20x22FX Series II offers greater maneuverability in confined spaces making it an ideal drill for residential vertical loop installations. The machine is self-propelled on rubber tracks controlled from the rear of the machine which help to evenly disperse weight for minimal ground surface disturbance.

The drill is also equipped with an adjustable, swing-out operator station that provides a range of positions for operator visibility and comfort at any drilling angle. And the rack-and-pinion design offers smooth and efficient carriage motion that helps to reduce maintenance often associated with chain-drive systems.

The drilling fluid pump of the D20x22FX Series II, rated at a maximum of 94,6 l/min, offers efficient fluid flow for conventional HDD bores while an optional 378,5 l/min high flow pump is available in addition to the standard unit.

To complement the D20x22FX Series II, Vermeer has also introduced the GM30 grout mixer. The GM30 model will provide convenient and efficient mixing of grout for residential or commercial geothermal loop installations. The unit will be available with either single or dual tank configurations, as well as a centrifugal or high-pressure piston pump to meet the specific needs of contractors.

Source: Vermeer Corporation

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