Enerpac Plays Key Role in Erecting New San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge


Actuant Corporation’s Enerpac unit, a market leader in high-force hydraulics, is playing a key role in the largest public works project in California history, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

The signature architectural feature of the bridge is a self-anchored suspension system which includes a 385 m main span containing a single, continuous support cable. This cable is built into the roadway span itself and is anchored at each end of the span while passing up and over a dramatic 160 m support tower. To accomplish this asymmetrical, non-traditional suspension, the bridge must be fabricated in sections which then are lifted onto large skids until they can be moved into position. Enerpac systems were used to align the deck sections and erect several cross beams that connect these deck sections. In addition, Enerpac’s digitally controlled synchronous jacking and strand jacking systems are being used to help construct the span’s massive support tower.

“Enerpac’s technology for the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge construction is state-of-the-art,” said Mark Sefcik, president of Enerpac. “Our systems are able to accurately position and lift cross beams with extreme precision in order to facilitate the construction of this uniquely designed, self-anchored suspension span. Recently, the third set of four tower sections was successfully lifted into place utilizing our strand jack system with the final section expected to be completed in March 2011.”

Enerpac is a global leader in delivering hydraulic solutions for the controlled movement and position of structures, and its technology has contributed to the successful completion of a number of the most recognizable structures on Earth.

Enerpac provided the synchronous lifting unit for three gigantic stages for U2’s Global 360° tour and also provided the hydraulic lowering mechanism that positioned the “Bird’s Nest” stadium into place prior to the Beijing Olympic Games. Enerpac’s technology has also helped position other famous bridges including the Millau Viaduct in France, Kealakaha Steam Bridge in Hawaii and the Third Millennium Bridge in Zargoza, Spain, among others.

“Enerpac has a reputation for creating innovative solutions for significant construction projects globally. We are a leading global supplier of customized hydraulic lifting systems because of our ability to engineer custom results,” said Mr. Sefcik.

Source: Actuant Corporation

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