Kawasaki Hybrid Wheel Loader


Kawasaki will debut the 65Z HYBRID Wheel Loader at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. This is Kawasaki’s first entry into the hybrid market. Pulling from over 100 years of technical innovation, Kawasaki engineers designed a wheel loader that substantially reduces fuel consumption, while not compromising performance.

There is no “oil filled” torque converter in the new 65Z HYBRID wheel loader. Through the use of HYTCs (hybrid torque converter system) the loader not only saves power but regenerates energy during idle and braking. During the initial acceleration or idle periods, energy loss generated in the torque converter is converted to electric energy and then stored in the capacitor. The capacitor will charge and discharge electric energy instantaneously rather than the delayed delivery of a conventional battery. The stored energy is then used by the motor/generator to assist the engine, therefore requiring a smaller engine, resulting in fuel savings.

The release date on the 65Z HYBRID` wheel loader for the North American market has not yet been announced.
Kawasaki will also have on display the new 42ZV-2 and 45ZV-2 compact loaders.

Furthermore, the company will debut two of their new Tier 4 wheel loaders, the 85Z7 (221 hp, 3.7 m3) and 90Z7 (280 hp, 4.2 m3). Introducing several new innovations and features, the interactive CONEXPO-CON/AGG exhibit will allow you to experience them first hand. The Z7 generation of wheel loaders is not just an extension of previous generations, it is a complete reengineering of every aspect of the wheel loader, from design, to operator comfort, safety, performance, efficiency and much more, through manufacturing processes, the Z7 wheel loaders are truly innovative.

Stop by and see live and video presentations, and the “hands-on” Tier 4 interactive experience. You might also register in the FASTTrack Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of five Richard Petty Driving Experiences that will be giving away during the week.

Source: KCMA Corporation

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