The Cities of Reno and Sparks, Nevada Include Xeripave in Catch Basin Infrastructure


Xeripave LLC, an innovative design and manufacturing company in Vancouver, Washington, created a storm drainage filtration system that improves the quality of water by capturing sediment, debris and urban clutter. In addition to working as a filtration device, it contributes in aiding vector control solutions by helping in the prevention of viruses like West Nile.

The County of Washoe did a 2-year pilot program study with the Xeripave® Tray System. During the pilot program, Washoe County found using Xeripave® in catch basins reduces the amount of mosquitoes by eliminating access to standing, stagnant water in the storm water basin.

Jim Shaffer, Planner with the Vector-Borne Diseases Environmental Health Division in Washoe County, commented, “putting the Xeripave Tray System in catch basins prevents adult mosquitoes from colonizing. Catch basins are like incubators in the streets producing mosquitoes every seven days during the summer months. Using these tray systems prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs, and reduces the amount of pesticides that would otherwise be needed. It is becoming the hydrology standard in the County.”

The design consists of placing a Xeripave® Tray System above the water allowing water to flow freely through, while simultaneously removing 100% of gross pollutants. Xeripave® has a flow through rate 10 times greater than pervious concrete, and 100 times greater than permeable concrete pavers. The pavers are manufactured with natural rock and bonded together with a clear, high-strength polymer. The simple filtration design has not only been cost effective to the County, but easy to maintain. Most storm water vaults, with little effort, can be retrofitted with this dynamic design.

The Vector-Borne Diseases Prevention Program in Washoe County is requiring that the Xeripave® Tray System be used in all new private infrastructure construction projects. With Xeripave® being installed in Sparks and Reno projects, the benefits are great. Not only has this urban development improved storm water quality, it has decreased the amount of mosquitoes in the storm water infrastructure.

Source: Xeripave LLC

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