IHIMER Wins the Intermat Innovation Award
in the Sustainable Development Category

The IHIMER brand is confirmed as a synonym of innovation and eco sustainability. Providing proof of IHIMER's unwavering focus on critical issues of innovation and eco sustainability, the company received the Innnovation Award in the Sustainable Development category for its Carry 105 Electric Power (EP) minidumper.

IHIMER S.p.A., is a joint venture between IHI Construction Machinery Limited, a member of the giant Japanese IHI Corporation, and the Italian IMER Group.
In the words of IHIMER vce president “The Intermat Innovation Awards are one of the key appointments on the agenda for Intermat 2012 and they provide a world-level recognition for companies that have achieved excellence in the four categories covered,” said Paolo Venturi, vice president of IHIMER. “I am immensely proud that our company has been chosen to receive this international recognition. IHIMER today confirms its international standing among the leading companies able to offer the market reliable and innovative products that are also respectful of the environment and the operator, reducing or even eliminating gaseous emissions and minimizing noise levels.”

The Carry 105 EP minidumper is the ideal solution for transporting materials in enclosed spaces (such as greenhouses, schools, hospitals and areas with reduced ventilation), in garden centers, on beaches, and any poorly ventilated enclosed space. The ecological spirit of the machine is supported by a DC motor coupled to a hydraulic pump.

With an overall width of 690 mm, the Carry 105 EP can enter previously inaccessible spaces inside buildings and negotiate standard width doors and structures to gain access to hard-to-reach interior gardens. The complete absence of exhaust fumes, combined with very low noise levels protect the operator's health and safety and ensure full respect for the environment.

The Carry 105 EP minidumper provides maximum ground speed of 2 km/h. A selector provides a choice between two different operating modes: Fast or Slow, thereby optimizing maneuvrability and minimising power consumption.

Thanks to the use of lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (widely used in electric vehicles) it was possible to achieve high charge capacity, a high number of charge-discharge cycles, full power also with low charge levels, modest weight and zero maintenance requirements compared to traditional lead acid batteries. Operation is controlled by an electronic battery management system (BMS) complete with display for diagnostics, continuous monitoring of functions and residual charge information.

Source: IHIMER S.p.A.

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