Subaru Becomes Industry’s First and Only Manufacturer
to Offer a 5-Year Warranty

Marindustrial, exclusive distributor of the Subaru industrial engines and power products, is proud to announce that Subaru has officially introduced its new 5-year Warranty Program, making it the first and only manufacturer to offer a warranty of this kind. After leading the industry as the first to offer a 3-year warranty, Subaru is now backing its lines of industrial engines, portable generators and de-watering pumps with the industry’s first 5-year warranty.

Subaru engines and power products are known worldwide for being extremely reliable and durable on a huge demanding range in a various fields. And quite rightly so! Subaru now offers engines, generators and portable pumps that worldwide have the best warranty coverage. The manufacturer’s warranty surpasses its limited 3 years warranty to a limited 5 years without exception between professional, commercial, industrial or consumer uses.

This warranty, which is a Subaru trademark stamp, is to be an integral part of Subaru’s willingness to offer engines (1.1 to 28 hp), generators (1650 to 13,000 W) and pumps (13 models) that are best protected in the world. Going beyond the warranty and the after sales support, the belief of the engines and power products best covered worldwide, express clearly the global approach and continuous advancements of Subaru, in designing and showing respect with his commitment towards superior engineering, state-of-the-art technology, upscale components and the quality of its products.

Subaru new 5-year limited warranty: power products in the Subaru line covered by the 5-year warranty include the full line of RGX / RGV Industrial Series generators and Inverter Series generators, and all gas-powered pumps including Centrifugal, Semi-Trash, Trash and Diaphragm Series. In addition, select Subaru engines are included in the new 5-year warranty. Those covered are the full line of EX Series, overhead cam engines, Mini and EH Series, as well as V-Twin cylinder engines.

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Source: Marindustriel


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