Panolin Launches
Greenmachine Lubes


Swiss lubricant producer Panolin introduced its Greenmachine concept which consists of a full line of biodegradable lubricants, also called Environmentally Considerate Lubricants (ECLs).

Bernard Rosset, Panolin’s business development manager, said that all Panolin ECLs are fully synthetic lubricants with good wear inhibition and a superior oxidation stability with a longer life span compared to mineral oil products. They are also biodegradable and show a low toxicity.

“Our Greenmachine concept is a credo to the environment and sustainability,” said Mr. Rosset. “A product like our Panolin HLP Synth hydraulic fluid, for example, effectively helps to reduce CO2 emissions, thanks to its much longer oil change intervals, almost a ‘life filling’”.

Mr. Rosset explained that studies have been made, and are available for consultation, on how much CO2 emissions can be reduced, taking into consideration the lubricant production chain, its logistic and transport, the fuel saving with optimized engine oils, and the waste oil disposal.

Panolin HLP Synth is a zinc-free fully synthetic hydraulic fluid especially used on earthmoving, forestry and industrial machinery. The Panolin HLP Synth E version, based on saturated ester from renewable resources is labeled with the European ECO label, granted only to biodegradable lubricants made of at least 50% renewable natural raw materials.
Panolin’s portfolio also includes a line of engine oils for heavy-duty and high performance diesel engines and a line of gear oils that encompasses everything for the drive train in off-highway and industrial machinery.

Source: Panolin International

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