New Walking Mobile Excavator Generation
Nominated for bauma Innovation Award

KAISER’s new S-Line has been nominated for the bauma Innovation Award 2013.

The new generation of walking mobile excavators features innovative design, improved ergonomics and enhanced driver comfort.

The new design is based on the principle of a compact radius excavator, offering outstanding all-round visibility of the entire working zone. The driver has a direct view of each of the excavator’s pads from the cab.

Integration of the new, significantly more powerful drive and cooling system called for innovative technological concepts and presented a major challenge in the design phase. When it came to developing and designing the new walking mobile excavators, KAISER benefited from the excellent collaboration between its own development team and established industrial designers from the firm Design Department based in Linz, Austria.

Walking mobile excavators are built for deployment in arduous and inaccessible terrain. The driver commonly spends more time on the job compared with other construction sites. For that reason the cab has been specially conceived with the needs of the user in mind. The ergonomic layout of the extensive range of functions has been chosen to greatly facilitate the work of the driver.

The large, dynamically designed air suction and exhaust vents provide an immediate clue to the performance class of the new S-Line. The new models are equipped with the powerful COM IIIB engine which already meets future requirements of the EU vehicle emissions standard. Thanks to their lower center of gravity, the new vehicles in the KAISER S-Line boast even greater stability on extreme slopes.

The main innovation of the new S-Line is the revolutionary hydraulic system ELIS by KAISER (Electronic Load Independent System). ELIS is currently unique in the field of walking mobile excavators. Performance and efficiency can be greatly increased through an intelligent automatic control system. Technical details will be revealed at the official presentation of the new excavator generation at bauma Munich.

Source: KAISER AG Fahrzeugwerk


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