Innovations from the TII Group at bauma 2013


The heavy-duty and special vehicle manufacturers SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG, members of the worldwide leading TII Group, are presenting a number of innovations for a wide range of transport tasks at this year's Bauma in Munich. Some of the latest developments are the new SPMT light series, the new EuroCompact and Superflex, a new generation of MHD platform trailers - MHD G2 - a new transportation system for transporting wind tower segments and many more.

As the world market leader in the development and production of SPMTs, SCHEUERLE is now presenting the new SPMT light. The most significant feature of the new SPMT light series is the compact design of the trailer modules. The platform dimensions of 6,056 x 2,438 mm with 4 pendulum axles guarantees the best flexibility, for example, for smaller transport jobs in production halls. Payloads of up to 86 tons (48 tons per axle line) can be reached per module while having a very low dead weight of 10 tons. The new SPMT light is equipped with a Deutz Diesel engine TCD 3.6 and conforms to the current emission standard US Tier 4i / 56 kw. Optionally it can be provided with a Diesel particulate filter for operations inside the production hall. The SPMT light modules can be coupled side-by-side mechanically or end-to-end electronically in an open compound. Of course, the SPMT light comes with all the well-known advantages of the tried and tested SCHEUERLE SPMT that go back many years such as the robust bogies and the electronic steering with all-steering programs. Even transport operations with bolsters are no problem as there is the possibility to mount the bolster on the SPMT light platforms. Optionally, it can be additionally equipped with a hydraulic equal lifting system.

SCHEUERLE is once again launching a new highlight in the market for the transportation of wind power plant parts. This is a new form of transport for wind tower segments on the final stretch to a wind power station site which is difficult to access. Twisting roads previously required laborious manoeuvring or even resulting in the unloading of the vehicle and moving the load by crane thus turning this particular operation into a difficult and time-consuming procedure. But now SCHEUERLE is offering the optimum solution with its new wind tower bolster which can be easily mounted on the InterCombi, InterCombi SPE (self-propelled electronically steered), SPMT trailer from SCHEUERLE and as well on the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25. As an option, it can be aligned to platform trailers from NICOLAS. The new wind tower bolster has a lifting and turning device that can be regulated using a radio or cable remote control. That means that on narrow roads and when negotiating bends, the lifting function raises the wind tower in a parallel position up to 750 mm or even transversely at an angle of up to 15°. Furthermore the tower segment can be turned left or right up to an angle of 30°.

The further development of the EuroCompact range from SCHEUERLE and NICOLAS features the latest technological highlights which play a very important role regarding maximum profitability for haulage contractors. The advantage for operator starts with the large selection of compact dollys, dolly bogie units and platform trailers with different numbers of axle lines and permissible axle loads. Thus it is possible to create the optimal combination to match the specific needs as well as providing a quick, uncomplicated and - above all - cost-effective vehicle. The new EuroCompact from SCHEUERLE and NICOLAS has been designed even more compactly than was previously the case. This has been made possible by an off-set coupling between the axle lines of the dolly bogie unit. Consequently, the length of a combination comprised of a retractable gooseneck coupled with a 2-axle dolly bogie, for example, corresponds to the length of a 2-axle compact dolly. In the construction, great attention was paid to realising a particularly wide (900 mm) and distinctive vehicle body, positioned very low above the surface of the road (550 mm), for the rear bogie unit. This also allows the vehicle to accommodate very wide and high excavator arms. The EuroCompact has a very good tare weight / payload ratio. The increase in payload capacity primarily results from weight optimisation applied over the entire vehicle. In addition, the compact design allows a larger loading area with an unchanged overall length as well as a high degree of manoeuvrability featuring a 65° steering angle on the front pendulum axle dolly and 60° for the rear bogie.

It is possible for vehicles in a single-telescopic configuration to move the two front axle lines in 500 mm increments when telescoped between the gooseneck and rear suspension. For vehicles with a double-telescoping function, the axles can be moved towards the gooseneck as well as towards the rear suspension. The technical axle load of the "Superflex" varies and depends on the type of tyre used. With 245/70-R17.5 tyres, the technical axle load is 12 tons which increases to 14 tons axle load when using 285/70-R19.5 tyres. The power supply for the vehicle hydraulics is supplied either via the tractor hydraulics or by means of an external PPU (PowerPack Unit). As an option, an electric PPU can also be integrated in the gooseneck. The new low-bed semi-trailer with pendulum axles has an axle compensation of around 650 mm (245/70-R17.5 tyres). In particular, this is essential to ensure careful handling of both frame and vehicle when operating on rough terrain. In addition, the steering angle of 60° provides maximum manoeuvrability. In spite of the compact design, 1.5 metre axle line spacings can be realized which facilitates the approval procedure with regard to driving over bridges due to the better load distribution.

The chassis of the new NICOLAS MHD G2 has been dimensioned to accept highly concentrated loads. For road transport, the MHD can be configured as a trailer or semi-trailer and as 2, 3 or 4 file combination. Thanks to the NICOLAS steering philosophy, the MHD has the lowest driving height on the market when loaded. With this in mind, NICOLAS has developed the MHD G2 modular range, whilst maintaining the NICOLAS trademark versatility and improving the technical specification for vehicles that can be used equally well on the road as well as on site. Loading capacity and load concentration have both been optimized resulting in 10% more performance. At the bauma, NICOLAS is exhibiting a self-propelled combination of the MHD G2: one 6-axle unit, one 4-axle unit and one PPU.

The appeal of the new fully hydraulic Highway Trailer from SCHEUERLE lies in the extremely low dead weight. Platform versions are available which perfectly fit the customers’ requirements relating to width and axle base. Payloads up to 113 tons can be reached. The new Highway Trailer canbe used for all kinds of machinery, rail cars, vessels, refinery modules, construction beams, general cargo, containers, etc.It has a low loading height of about 945 mm and is extendable in order to realize a superior loading length of up to 32.500 mm. The new SCHEUERLE Highway Trailer complies with virtually all US States and Canadian permit requirements.

Numerous trailers have been sold to date in Western Canada and a number of southern US States.

Source: NICOLAS Industries S.A.S.
SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik GmbH
KAMAG Transporttechnik GmbH & Co.KG


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