Dressta to Outline Customer-Driven Machine Design at Intermat

Dressta will be in attendance at Intermat, with the company demonstrating its customer-focused approach to manufacturing construction equipment.

For Dressta, the event is a chance to further establish itself as a heavy equipment specialist with expert knowledge in all aspects of machine application. This includes optimal equipment configuration, adapting to different operating environments, machine maintenance for optimal productivity and longevity, and how products can be tailored to meet customers’ specific needs.

Howard Dale, vice president for Global Sales at Dressta, welcomes this year’s Intermat, saying: “The machines on display are examples of Dressta’s knowledge of specialist applications which allow us to incorporate customers’ special feature requests that enhance the producitivity and durability in applications such as landfill and mining in extreme conditions. Customers depend on us to help them achieve greater results in tough applications and we draw on our unrivalled application engineering expertise to help ensure our solutions deliver the results that customers desire.”

In every machine it builds, Dressta combines its engineering quality with a commitment to providing its customers with bespoke solutions for Special Feature Requests (SFRs) across a range of applications. Furthermore, Dressta’s unique offering of Application Packs provide modified ancillary specifications to ensure the machines are aptly equipped for the most challenging scenarios, from deserts and tropical forest areas, to sub-zero conditions.

One example would be the modification of Dressta construction equipment specified for use in extreme subarctic temperatures at the ALROSA Corporation Diamond Mines in Yakutia, Siberia. Six Dressta TD-15M Extra crawler dozers were supplied in a specially designed “arctic version” in order to withstand and prevail in difficult climatic conditions – Yakutia experiences temperatures as low as -60°C in winter, and as high as +40°C in summer. These modifications included a sophisticated engine preheating system; a fuel heating system to prevent wax solidification and ice formation; a series of heating systems to protect the hydraulic and engine oil, coolant and battery box; and a specially designed Arctic cab to ensure a comfortable operating experience, which includes double glazed windows and alternative steering levers for use with heavy gloves.

This manufacturing philosophy will again be highlighted at Intermat in the form of Dressta’s line of Landfill and Mining models, which incorporate customer driven features based on Dressta’s application experience in each sector.

Dressta offers 3 models of landfill crawler dozers: the TD-25M LA Extra, the TD-20M LA Extra and the TD-15M LA Extra, all of which feature excellent waste compaction capability and large blades with a trash rack and single or multi-shank rippers. Each machine is equipped with a Cummins engine and are carefully designed to meet the challenges of landfill projects. The variety of environments in which landfill equipment is used means that SFRs are common in the specification of these machines. An example would be with the hydraulically driven reversible fan that allows self-cleaning of the cooling module. The reverse cycle of the fan can be programmed manually and automatically, thus eliminating dust and dirt build-up in the cooling system. Similarly, the installation of Trimble Ready® Grade Option technology can be requested to assist the machine operator in achieving maximum project efficiency.

Dressta’s line of crawler dozers are ideally equipped for use in mining projects similar to the example from Yakutia. The machines are frequently employed as towing tractors for use in mining exploratory operations. Models such as the TD-15M Extra, TD-20M Extra and TD40E Extra can tow essential geological equipment – such as drills, power generators, fuel tanks, service platforms and portable cabins – across great spaces and in extreme conditions. Once a suitable test spot has been found, the dozers can then efficiently clear the site of trees, bushes and terrain, before positioning the equipment to the designated work areas.

Alongside these machines, the Dressta range of models include its lines of crawler dozers, pipelayers, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and motor graders.

Each machine is supplemented with Dressta’s unique ability to develop on-board features in accordance with how its customers use them. If a unique component or device is required, a team of SFR engineers are fast and flexible in accommodating customers’ preferences. The combination of engineering expertise, customer collaboration and application experience results in superior heavy equipment, as well as outstanding before and after-sales service and customer support.

Source: LiuGong Dressta Machinery

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