A Precise Fit Between the Rail and the Road

Transport companies always face special challenges when rail vehicles leave their tracks and have to make the rest of the way to a destination by road.

Assignments like these can can only be successfully carried out with exceptional equipment – which is why the company APB Pilzen came to Faymonville.

The experience of the leading Belgian manufacturer in the transport of railway vehicles quickly led to a perfect solution for the Czech client. Two 7-axle flatbed extendable low loaders from the MultiMAX series were developed to meet the specifications. The decisive technical plus was the use of offset axles, whereby Faymonville could reduce the loading height in driving position to 740 mm up to the rail guide on the semi-trailer. This trick allowed the load to easily remain below the required total heights, so that underpasses were no obstacle.

A further technical refinement is the rail guide incorporated into the loading platform, which makes it possible to choose variable rail widths of 1000, 1450 or 1670 mm. An indispensable requirement, since railway vehicles have different rail gauge depending on the country where they are used.

APB Pilzen ordered both vehicles with an innovative hydraulic liftable and lowerable rear extension for secure loading and unloading and to optimize the load distribution. The integrated rail extensions allow the rapid assembly of a loading ramp with a maximum incline of 2.5° (without the use of a forklift). The rear extension can also support up to 15 t of payload during the transport. Thereby, the tractor unit can be significantly relieved and the load distribution is further improved.

Along with the telescopic loading platform, APB Pilzen has the possibility of expanding the semi-trailer with mountable extensions. To achieve this, a separation point – a so-called compression joint – was built in between the gooseneck and the loading platform. Here too, Faymonville made sure a single person can handle all operations, without further assistance. For instance, all functions are executed hydraulically and the extension elements can be mounted or disassembled effortlessly by means of roller supports and wheels.

Last but not least, thanks to the precambering of extension support itself, the heaviest railway vehicles with several wheeled chassis can be transported without any deflection of the loading platform. In sum, Faymonville was able to cope with even the most complex specifications of the project of APB Pilzen and came up with an optimal technical and economic solution. So it is not surprising that the cooperation is soon to be expanded.

Source: Faymonville Distribution

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