Spectacular Transport in Guatemala


The route up to the windy heights of Viento Blanco Wind Farm is 10 km long and leads past an active volcano. It follows a narrow winding mountain road lined with trees and rock overhangs and gradients of up to 18% uphill and 13% downhill. Seven Vestas V 112 wind turbines are being installed at the wind farm. The rotor blades were transported over a distance of 80 km from the Guatemalan port of Puerto Quetzal to the Viento Blanco site by the Daco Heavy Lift de Centroamérica, S.A., a Guatemala City-based haulage company using an FTV 300 blade transport device from Goldhofer.

 It was a logical choice: The FTV 300 met all the requirements for handling such a demanding operation with ease, i.e. without having to blast any rock along the mountain road, cut the power to overhead lines or fell any of the trees that form a dense curtain on both sides of the road.

With the FTV 300, Daco’s heavy haulage experts were able to raise the rotor blades to any angle up to 60°. That made it possible for the narrow bends to be negotiated at walking pace without the risk of contact with the embankments.

An additional challenge was presented by the dynamic wind forces acting on the rotor blades in the raised position, when they are up to 50 m high. That meant Dacotrans had to have a wind force specialist continuously monitoring the FTV 300’s integrated anemometer. In order to ensure that the rotor blades are always correctly positioned for the optimum wind attack angle, the FTV 300 has a 360° pivot system that permits the attached blade to be rotated around its own axis as required.

Thanks to this combination of flexible tilt angle and blade rotation, all the critical sections of the mountain road were negotiated with ease, while passages under the numerous overhead power lines were handled by simply reducing the angle of tilt.

The first 70 km of the journey were relatively easy, with motorway driving all the way. Handling the last 10 km without a single hitch, on the other hand, involved a total of over 16,000 man hours for Daco Heavy Lift, who completed the operation with all the rotor blades in 40 days. Thanks to painstaking preparations, a detailed inspection of the route, extensive safety measures and - last but not least - effective cooperation with the Goldhofer Service team, this exceptional transport operation ran smoothly from start to finish!

Source: Goldhofer AG

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