Vactor Updates RamJet® 850 Series Truck Jetter

Vactor Manufacturing has introduced updates to the popular Vactor RamJet® 850 Series truck jetter used by sewer cleaning professionals for more than 40 years in sewer blockage and preventive line maintenance applications. Featuring a choice of front- or rear-hose reel locations, and unique productivity-enhancing options such as an aluminum rear shroud and an optional JetRodder® water pump-heated cabinet, the updated Ramjet 850 truck can be configured to match the customer’s needs.

“The RamJet 850 continues to raise the bar for truck jetters in the industry” said David Brockman, associate product manager at Vactor Manufacturing. “The evolution of this product since the 1970s is due to Vactor’s ongoing commitment to innovation and technology to meet the changing needs of our customers. Every Vactor RamJet 850 is built with quality, tested components and backed by the most experienced dealer network in the industry.”

An integral aluminum rear shroud with heavy-duty, see-through Lexan windows is available. Large service access doors on both sides of the shroud enable easy greasing, maintenance and service.

“Operating with the doors closed optimizes the heat containment for cold-weather protection, better than any jetter in its class,” said Mr. Brockman. “The innovative rear shroud keeps the hose and components warm and protected, which is a big advantage for operators who need to quickly set up and clean while working in extremely cold conditions.”

The JetRodder® water pump is located at the side of the unit below the top of the chassis frame, allowing 100% of the water to gravity feed the pump to optimize water pump efficiency and eliminate the potential for water pump damage due to cavitation. The pump location provides complete access for operation and maintenance from ground level.

Designed specifically to clean sewers, Vactor’s exclusive JetRodder water pump uses a slow pump stroke to deliver maximum, continuous flow and pressure with minimal wear. This jackhammer action provides optimal cleaning capability, and since the pump is hydraulic and uses a single piston, no components or belts prone to breakdown are required.

The RamJet 850 comes standard with a certified flow of 0 to 300 l/min at a variable pressure up to 172 bars (2,500 psi) at the hose reel for the flexibility to clean any size line.

In addition to the Vactor RamJet 850 truck, Vactor offers a full line of RamJet trailer and skid-mounted jetters specially designed for cleaning municipal sewer, drain and pipe lines and culverts.

Source: Federal Signal Corporation

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