WEtrac Optimizes Machine Utilization

Boost efficiency, cut costs. Telematic solutions are becoming increasingly important to construction companies.

They provide a unique way to optimize the utilization of their machines. Weber MT is now bringing this technology – called WEtrac – to hand-guided soil compactors.
When combined with the MDM active engine protection, this technology takes fleet management to an entirely new level.

WEtrac, the machine data telemetry solution by Weber MT, has been engineered for the CR 6 to CR 9 series of reversible soil compactors. The system in the machines comes factory-installed.

Weber MT’s telematic solution is based on MDM active engine protection. Available as an optional add-on, the start module comes with E-start and an hour meter. It constantly checks such key engine parameters like engine oil pressure / oil level, the air filter’s degree of fouling or battery voltage. WEtrac analyzes this machine data and transmits it to a Web portal using a cellular signal provided by Weber MT’s partner Trackunit.

This technology makes relevant information about the use of the soil compactor available and retrievable in real time – conveniently with a click of the mouse or on the user’s smartphone.

This level of transparency about the condition of the machine contributes to an extended service life. The system will, for instance, remind the user by email or SMS of the next servicing date, allowing them to better plan the upcoming workshop visit. This safeguard makes disastrous engine failures caused by insufficient maintenance a thing of the past.

Yet another advantage of WEtrac is its reliable anti-theft protection: This feature lets the operator build a virtual fence around every machine on the Web portal. If the machine is moved out of the defined area, the fleet manager is sent an alert. The current location of the machine is pinpointed by GPS and transmitted using the cellular signal.

By the way, WEtrac is available for both Weber MT soil compactors with MDM engine protection and machines equipped with the latest COMPATROL® 2.0 compaction control. This version of COMPATROL® features MDM engine protection as an integral part.

Source: Weber MT

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