General Tire V.ply Earthmoving Tires Debut in the North American Market

General Tire has returned to the Off The Road (OTR) market, launching its first V.ply Earthmoving Tires. The comprehensive range of new Earthmoving Tires is built for customers looking for durability and great value, combined with the reputation of a well-known and trusted brand.

The new General Tire TE188, a bi-directional multipurpose tire, debuted in the U.S. market at the Tire Industry Association Off The Road Conference. The annual OTR Conference brings together hundreds of tire industry professionals to participate in educational sessions and networking opportunities. This year’s conference was held February 19-22 in Palm Springs, California.

The General Tire V.ply Earthmoving range is comprised of 6 compelling tires for loaders, articulated dump trucks (ADTs), rigid dump trucks (RDTs) and scrapers. All benefit from the innovative V.ply technology.

  • General TE65: a low aspect ratio, wide-base tire for wheel loaders and dozers operating in heavy-duty dig and load operations;
  • General TE191: an heavy-duty wheel loader tire for dig and load operations;
  • General TE 6: a bi-directional L3 tire ideal for compact loader applications;
  • General TE188: a bi-directional multipurpose earthmoving tire for use on ADTs, RDTs, loaders and scrapers;
  • General TE132: a wide-base non-directional tire designed for dump trucks in harsh off-road conditions;
  • General TE11: a rugged tire design primarily used for grading services up to 10 km/h.

Originally inspired by racing tire design, the innovative V.ply technology enhances cross-ply technology with multiple cords arranged in a recognizable V-shape. The V.ply technology combines robustness and tire stability with rim seat, force transmission and steering response in demanding vehicle operations. Up to 22 layers of high-resistance polymer fiber, precisely aligned in a V-pattern and embedded in up to 3 wire beads, deliver a sturdy tire construction. The V.ply construction technology contributes to extraordinarily strong sidewalls, providing excellent protection against tire punctures and cuts.

Source: General Tire

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