TII Group Provides Suitable Transport Solutions for Wind Turbines Components



Wind energy is considered a safe, low-emission and inexpensive power source and thus a key driver of the energy system transition process. Experts expect a significant expansion of capacities especially in North America. As a result, transport needs are undergoing a similar increase.

At the TII Group subsidiaries, customers can find the right transport solution for each of these components.

Tax benefits for new wind turbines and ambitious government sourcing goals for electricity from wind energy have given the North American wind energy industry a major boost.Offshore plants, which are particularly powerful and feature correspondingly large components, are also expected to increasingly contribute to the generation of electricity from renewable sources.

In addition to the components required for generating energy such as the rotor blades, star and hub, tower segments, machine housing and the so-called nacelles, the anchoring used to secure the towers to the seabed must be moved onto the transport barges and then taken to the designated location at sea. This includes gravity foundations made of concrete, steel tripods and monopiles. Transition pieces also feature: connecting elements that securely fix the installation to the foundations.

The transport of components for onshore installations places additional demands on vehicle technology. In this respect, the infrastructure often presents the greatest challenge. Passing through narrow streets and negotiating obstacles such as buildings and trees, even the most bulky components have a destination that must be reached.

The versatile, self-propelled platform vehicles from the SPMT and InterCombi series from SCHEUERLE and K25 from KAMAG are also suitable transport solutions for these assignments. The proven pendulum axle technology ensures a high level of stability and, thanks to the large steering angle, great maneuverability too.

Source: TII Group

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