New Cat® Tiltrotators Bring Added Productivity and Enhance Attachment Flexibility




Cat® Tiltrotators (TRS) for excavators seamlessly integrate to the machine, contribute up to 13% more productivity and are easy to operate. The introduction of these models provides a portfolio of TRS for machines from 11 to 30 t. The tiltrotators have the capability for 360° bi-directional rotation and 40° left and right tilt, allowing the machine to work from many different angles with less repositioning.
TRS10, 14, 18, and 23 models are available with pin-on or S-type coupler top interfaces and S-type coupler bottom interfaces. Using a tiltrotator with a coupler top allows the operator to maximize the versatility of attachments by switching them out for application and task appropriate purposes. An optional grapple module allows the operator to move materials out of the way, such as large rocks or pipe, without switching attachments.

Key components, including an oil-filled gear box, single-point lubrication system and innovative control system, factor into the ease of maintenance and operation features. Long-term reliability and durability for the tiltrotators result from the heavy-duty bolted joint that secures the housing, rotator and coupler as a unit. The worm gear drive is designed with wide bearing surfaces that distribute excavation forces in all directions. In addition, the gear drive is submersed in oil to ensure positive lubrication in all operating conditions. Pins, shafts and bushings feature heavy duty construction, and the hydraulic rotator motor is protected inside the cast rotator housing.

Machine controls allow for simultaneous tilt, rotation and machine movement. The short profile of the TRS unit helps maintain consistent breakout forces for digging experienced with a regular coupler.

Source: Caterpillar Inc.

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