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With a management team with over 100 years of experience in the foundation piling industry, an innovative in-house developed and manufactured product line and a focus on personal service, International and National Pile Croppers (IPC and NPC respectively) have been one of the construction industry’s best kept secrets. The NPC Group is now going from strength to strength developing and supplying its own line of patented customer-focused foundation pile cropping solutions to a wide variety of customers in partnership with Canadian-based company, Pinnacle Drilling Products.

In 2022, Calgary, Alberta, headquartered Pinnacle Drilling Products was appointed NPC’s distributor for Canada. Both companies pride themselves on delivering the best and most innovative solutions to their construction and civil engineering clients, partnering with them to understand their needs, culture and business aspirations. This understanding facilitates the provision of exceptional service and advanced solutions to meet any challenge using world-class products, such as hydraulic pile croppers.

As part of Pinnacle’s drive to provide its customers with state-of-the-art solutions and products, the company identified the potential of National Pile Cropper Group’s range of pile croppers. The partnership between the NPC Group and the professional and experienced industry distributor reinforces the National Pile Cropper Group’s commitment to providing exceptional levels of customer focus in-market.

Since its appointments as a NPC Group distributor, Pinnacle Drilling Products has been very active and successful. To this end, it recently delivered and commissioned a NPC Quad 600 pile cropper for an international design-build specialty foundation company. The Quad 600 pile cropper was used on a project at an undisclosed government building. The project involved cropping 200 auger cast piles that were 45 cm in diameter. The foundation company were impressed with how easily the Quad 600 cropped piles without damaging the rebar.

The IPC/NPC pile cropper works with a hydraulic connection between the excavator and the pile cropper via quick release fittings on excavators (generally ranging from 6 t to 30 t). The excavator lifts the pile cropper over the pile and addresses the pile cut-off level where a complete horizontal fracture is made. The chisels penetrate in a horizontal direction up to the rebar to make the fracture. On bonded piles the chisels will then penetrate further, and due to the shape of the chisels and the reaction forces of the rebar, the concrete will break in pieces and can easily be lifted off the pile.

In addition to supplying its equipment, the NPC Group have been working in unison with Pinnacle Drilling Products in order to make contractors and construction companies throughout North America aware of the benefits of hydraulic pile croppers. Pinnacle Drilling Products look forward to welcoming one and all to their booth to discuss the Pile Croppers range of attachments and their applications.

Source: National Pile Croppers,
Pinnacle Drilling Products LP

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