VMAC’s New G30+GEN Rotary Screw Air Compressor/Generator


VMAC recently announced the release of the G30+GEN gas-powered rotary screw air compressor/generator, which combines 2 convenient forms of power into a single, innovative system.

VMAC’s G30+GEN provides 25 CFM (0.7 m3/min) of compressed air at 100 psi (6.9 bar) and is designed to maintain max CFM 100% of the time. Operators can quickly switch from compressor mode to generator mode for their tools, lighting and other equipment, and the G30+GEN will provide 3,600 W of continuous AC output.

“The G30+GEN is a system that maximizes vehicle space,” said Tod Gilbert, president of VMAC. “If you use both air and electric power, the G30+GEN eliminates the need for 2 pieces of bulky equipment – which traditionally take up a significant amount of deck space – by combining 2 types of power into the smallest, lightest footprint possible.”

Like all VMAC products, the G30+GEN was intentionally designed to be as small and lightweight as possible. The result is a system that weighs only 134 kg and has a footprint of 0,66 m2, giving operators more GVW and space for other tools and equipment.

“Compared to other air compressor/generators on the market right now, the G30+GEN is up to 40% smaller and 36% lighter,” added Mr. Gilbert. “Those savings are significant when spec’ing out a work truck, and VMAC is unique in our ability to build incredibly compact air systems.”

The G30+GEN air compressor/generator is the latest product in VMAC’s G30 collection of gas powered systems. The new air compressor/generator is also an approved Honda application, utilizing Honda’s GX390 gas engine to deliver continuous air or AC power.

“Our goal is to create innovative systems that make service truck operators’ lives easier. Adding a generator to our highly successful G30 product line is a great way to enhance a system that was already great and make it even more useful in the field,” concluded Tod Gilbert.

VMAC is confident the G30+GEN will become an essential piece of equipment for mobile workers who need a convenient and reliable air compressor and generator system. It is now available for purchase from authorized VMAC dealers.

Source: VMAC Global Technology Inc.

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