DICA Releases Multi Pad Systems for Concrete Pump Truck Applications



DICA now offers engineered Multi Pad Systems based on the proven Fiber Tech pads that range in size from 1.1 to 2.8 m2. Multi Pad Systems assist equipment operators who need to assemble supporting surfaces for outriggers without the aid of secondary equipment.

The Multi Pad System was developed for concrete pump companies and operators, who face unique equipment, job site, and ground condition challenges. Frequently, operators must manually construct a solid supporting surface for their equipment’s outriggers using elements that they can pick up and move by hand.



“Our concrete pumping customers have asked for an engineered solution that are larger and lighter, and can be easily assembled on the job site. We are delighted to meet these needs with Multi Pad Systems,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA.

DICA’s six Multi Pad Systems are configurations based on FiberTech Pads. They are sized to support equipment from the smallest to largest concrete pumps. Rated capacities withstand Maximum Outrigger Forces (MORF) of 27,200 to 49,900 kg. Ergonomically placed TuffGrip handles make it easy for the operator to pick and place the elements of the system.

DICA outrigger pads and crane pads are used in 50+ countries and on all 7 continents around the world in construction, maintenance, electrical utility, oil and gas and tree care as well as local, state and federal government agencies.

Source: DICA Outrigger Pads

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