Product Upgrades and Combinations


Bay Shore Systems has upgraded torque performance in two LoDril® product models and combined two others. The LoDril LM and the LoDril HT will have significant increases in their torque ratings with the LoDril LM going to 18 000 ft-lbs and the LoDril HT to 42 000 ft-lbs.

"These two LoDrils continue to be some of our most popular models. The added torque will further solidify our competitive advantage and make purchase decisions even easier for our customers," explained John Shepard, Bay Shore Systems sales manager. "Our technology and manufacturing processes have improved to the point that it makes sense for us and for our customers to make this upgrade now."

In addition to the two product upgrades, Bay Shore Systems will also be combining the features of two other LoDril models into one. The new DH-60 will get an extra boost in torque and will replace the LoDril XHT.

"With the torque now bumped up to 62 000 ft-lbs, the DH-60 will satisfy customer demand in the mid-range of the Bay Shore Systems product line at an attractive price point," added Mr. Shepard. "These product line changes improve our coverage of customer needs across the entire foundation drilling market. Bay Shore Systems has a drilling attachment that fits just about any project a customer might have."

Source: Bay Shore Systems

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