Elastomeric Reflective Roof Coatings Waterproof Roofs and Reflect UV Radiation


Henry Company has introduced a premium white roof coating that protects roofs with a weather proof moisture membrane, extraordinarily high solar/UV reflectivity (91%), exceptional peel strength and superior longevity.

Available as Henry® HE286 (HE587 at the Home Depot), this exceptional roof coating cures into a permeable roofing membrane that prevents liquid infiltration, while allowing moisture vapor to vent from the underlying substrate. In addition to resisting ponding water, the elastomeric roof coating expands and contracts during weather cycles without cracking and can be applied to new roofs in a single coat even without a base primer.

Henry® HE286 (and HE587) is designed to reduce interior building temperatures, and save owners money by reducing energy costs. The product is currently available at Arizona roofing wholesale distributors, hardware stores and home centers.

If lowering building energy consumption costs, prolonging the life of the roof, and reducing air conditioning costs meet with your approval, then reach for Henry® HE280DC.

This new premium quality, easy to apply reflective roof coating features Miami Dade County Code Certification, and meets California Energy Commission Requirements, as well as LEED Requirements for Credit 7.2 Cool Roofs. HE280DC is a Cool Roof Rating Council Product, Energy Star Rated, UL Classified and Fire Rated.

Henry® HE280DC is a brilliant white, water-based acrylic latex roof coating that is highly resistant to discoloration, mildew, and dis-bonding. The product has a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, can be used on numerous types of commercial and residential roofing surfaces.

Source: Henry Company

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