YeloRoll Conveyor Rollers Beat Winter Blues


The demands on conveying systems multiply dramatically during the winter season, especially in those climates where snow and ice are the norm. Conventional conveyor rolls are made of steel, which causes numerous problems when the snow flies.

Steel is a conductor. So temperatures on the outside of a steel can roll are transferred inside. Any moisture that builds up inside a steel roller can cause some serious damage to the roll, especially in the winter months.

Back on the outside, steel is easily etched by chemicals and scratched by wayward aggregate. These surface blemishes are a home for water and freezing temperatures and hitchhiking aggregate that sticks to the can surface, causing wear and tear to the belt itself.

Innoveyor, Inc. now offers a line of titanium-enriched PVC (polyvinylchloride) idler drums. These heavy-duty, lightweight rolls, branded YeloRoll® due to it's color, offer a number of features and benefits over any other roll on the market today, especially during the winter months when conventional steel can rolls can bring down a production line with every dip in the ambient temperature. YeloRoll exceeds CEMA D standards. In snow and ice, this unique roller design prevents build-up that will damage the belt, slow productivity and eventually bring production to a halt. Its smooth, non-porous surface rejects the graining and abrasion of steel can rolls. And it will not rust or corrode.

These same issues are avoided year-round with the YeloRoll, which also rejects caustic and corrosive materials being transported by the belt. YeloRoll maintains a smooth, nonstick surface that also prevents belt misalignment in any weather condition, and offers a longer shell life.

The heart of the working end of all YeloRoll rolls is a high-quality, double-sealed, self-lubricating ball bearing system. Unlike the taper bearings used in conventional steel can rolls, this runs smoother, cooler and quieter. Its carbon-fiber Combi-Cap aids in reducing noise as well as the shock and vibration encountered in steel can systems. Unlike steel can systems, YeloRoll's unique t-PVC shells are insulators, protecting against the transfer of heat and cold and thus condensation at the inner-working components while at the same time, reducing and actually preventing the risk of fire. These same inner components are kept clean and dry through the use of YeloRoll's Combi-Cap system that protects the shaft ends. Its triple labyrinth seals keep dirt and other debris away from the roll and its critical inside components.

Technician-friendly, even more so during the cold winter months, YeloRolls weigh 60% less than their same-sized steel can behemoths.

Source: Innoveyor, Inc.

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