Bayne ETL 208 Series Tippers
Provide More Ground Clearance


The new ETL 208 series of hydraulic cart tippers from Bayne Premium Lift Systems provide 50% more ground clearance than similar models. As a result, they are less susceptible to damage when mounted on rear loaders being driven over uneven roads or at the landfill. ETL 208 lifters pick up European-style carts.

The ETL 208 was designed so that the cart-support arm tucks up compactly at idle, positioning the lifter more than 50 cm above the ground, explains Billy Bayne, research and development manager for Bayne Premium Lift Systems. The ETL 208 also uses a sweeping action that automatically compensates for uneven terrain. The sweeping action prevents operators from having to manually pick up and place carts onto the lifter.

The series also features a lift capacity of 170 kg. A better clamping angle secures the cart when it's tipped 45°, reducing the chance of the cart breaking free before the 8- to 10-second lift cycle is complete. The ETL 208 also boasts a broader cart pick-up envelope that compensates for the two sizes of European carts.

Other attributes of an ETL 208 are that it won't interfere with the packer blade on most rear loader models, and its compact design matches well with commercial container lift bars. The ETL 208's thin profile permits it to work in conjunction with commercial container latch kits, enabling one truck to pick up both residential and commercial refuse on the same route.

Source: Bayne Premium Lift Systems, a Dover Industries Company.

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