Easy-Jack Presents 'The Golden Jack'


Easy-Jack, a unique range of lightweight aluminium jacks designed to lift, lower and manoeuvre heavy loads offered exhibition attendees the opportunity to win a 'Golden Jack' worth $1000 at The World of Concrete.

Easy-Jack who was also exhibiting at The Rental Show in Atlanta, successfully launched their range of lightweight jacks last year at The World of Concrete and The Rental Show.

The two gold anodized 6,5 t jacks were specially created by Easy-Jack's Engineering Department for the American exhibitions to complement Easy-Jack's movie themed exhibition stand.

"Only two Golden Jacks exist in the world and we believe that in time the Golden Jacks will become a collectors item!", said John Pollock, vice president of sales for Easy-Jack.

Easy-Jack is a range of lightweight aluminium hydraulic jacks. The product range offers the versatility of plain, claw lift or screwed ram (to mechanically secure the load). The lifting capability ranges from 6,5 to 100 t.

They are used in construction, bridging, demolition, general and civil engineering.

The Easy-Jack product range is lightweight making them much easier to carry than conventional mechanical jacks. Placement of the Easy-Jack is more accurate in load positioning than traditional jacking methods.

The base area of the Easy-Jack range is larger and therefore the loaded jack is more stable than when using traditional jacks.

The Easy-Jack product range is easily maintained and is extremely durable. With normal care expected life is exceptional.

Source: Easy-Jack

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