Oshkosh, McNeilus and London Showcase Safety @ 360º Initiatives


Oshkosh Truck and its subsidiaries McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing and London Machinery, showcased a series of advancements under the companies' Safety @ 360º initiative designed to enhance safety for the ready mix industry at World of Concrete.

"Improving operator safety and developing new safety features are part of our company heritage, and this new generation of advancements sets an industry standard that we hope others will follow," said Mike Wuest, President of McNeilus Companies. "Through these initiatives we aim to reduce accidents that occur when traveling to or within the job site, and protect those inside the cab and outside."

The Side Roll Protection System, developed together with LifeGuard Technologies, a leader in commercial truck occupant protection, uses a roll sensor to detect a rollover by monitoring the vehicle's roll angle and rate, and then triggers safety devices - tightens the seat belt (to reduce driver motion), lowers the seat (to increase survivable space), and deploys a tubular side-curtain airbag (to protect the head and neck) - in a pre-programmed sequence.

The Eagle Eye obstacle detection system alerts drivers to objects hidden in vehicle blind spots up to 6 m away. For the operator, this means that turning, backing up, and lane changing are less risky and potential collisions (and accident related expenses) are easier to avoid. The Eagle Eye Obstacle detection system is available exclusively in the ready mix industry on Oshkosh, McNeilus, and London mixer trucks.

The new McNeilus lightweight composite water tank has many benefits, including a substantial 100 kg weight advantage over a comparable steel water tank. This unique, non-pressurized unit means it's safer to operate, yet incredibly powerful for faster clean-up. The unit also features fewer parts and fittings for added ease and simplicity of service.

The Trimble DriveSafe technology is available to the ready mix industry exclusively on Oshkosh, McNeilus and London mixer trucks. The DriveSafe system helps train ready mix drivers as it measures the accelerations exerted on the truck during various driving maneuvers such as turns, starts and stops. The system also takes into account the loaded or unloaded status when measuring turns. The system functions as a valuable driver-training tool. In many cases, drivers just need to be reminded about certain elements of their driving behavior. In other cases, drivers need to be trained to significantly alter their driving style when the truck is loaded to avoid potential rollover situations.

Source: Oshkosh Truck Corporation


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