Metco and Roto: a Happy Pair!


It is in 1998 in Chicoutimi, Quebec, that METCO Inc., a steel structure and metalworking company, was founded. This organization has been quick to make its mark in the region and work on many sites. If you have a lot of work, you need efficient tools. For Richard Tremblay, estimation manager, it is his Merlo Roto 45.21 that makes the difference. On the financial side of things, he estimates that he is currently saving $150 000 per year.

There is also a huge saving in time and labor when he is using the Roto rather than other type of equipment. As an example, unloading a truck used to take 2 hours and a half and five men. With the Roto, only 45 minutes and two men are needed. He is also cutting down the rental cost for scissor lifts although he still needs them for certain manoeuvres.

Working with the Roto changes the logistics quite radically because you have to determine first where you are going to place all your materials. "With machines that remain in only one place, you unload a heavier load of material but in only one place. With the Roto that you can move around easily, you place your material in strategic places before assembling" explains Mr. Tremblay. Also, using a larger platform offers the possibility of moving around more material and lowers the quantity of moves, which by itself, makes it more profitable.

If given the choice between the Roto and other equipment, he would use the Roto for all the mentioned reasons. It is definitely a more than profitable investment. According to his calculations, only with the time and money saved since his purchase, his payments for the unit are done until the end of the year.

He would therefore do this purchase again with closed eyes. He also greatly appreciates the service he has received, notably from the technical service of the Manulift branch.

Manulift is the distributor for Merlo products in Canada with sales and service locations in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.

Source: Manulift EMI Ltd.


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