Multi-Trade Use of Hydro Mobile in Boston’s Historic District


Dimeo Construction Company is using mast-climbing work platforms from Hydro Mobile to construct the Avenir, a redevelopment project within Boston’s historic Bulfinch Triangle.
Rented and serviced by Hydro Mobile's regional distributor Marr Scaffolding, 31 mast climbers are being used by Dimeo Construction Company to perform the exterior facade work on the Avenir building, a luxury 241-unit rental project built on top of, and partially supported by, the structure of Boston’s MBTA North Super Station.

Dimeo, a family-owned and operated company, ranks among the top 100 construction managers in the U.S. With 250 employees and projects running all over New England, the company’s continued success demands a careful choice of partners, suppliers and sub-contractors. Doug Peckham, project manager at Dimeo, explains why he chose Hydro Mobile for the Avenir project: “Marr Scaffolding and Hydro Mobile were undoubtedly the best deal we found on the market.

Pricing and product reliability were obviously important issues for this selection, but training, engineering services and customer support proved to be the key elements that set Marr and Hydro Mobile apart from the rest.”

Hydro Mobile’s engineering department took care of the setup design and Marr Scaffolding went onsite to handle the erection. 18 P-Series were installed to provide access to corners, restrained areas and recesses. 13 M-Series were used for the rest of the 35 300 m2 facade.

Teams from Dimeo and their associated sub-contractors attended training seminars at Marr Scaffolding and were certified to operate the mast-climbers.

Since May 2008, Dimeo has fully taken advantage of those 400 m of Hydro Mobile. The mast climbers, with capacities ranging from 2700 to 17 000 kg, turned out to be ideal for heavy works involving metal panels, structural steel, relieving angles and masonry. Multi-trade subcontractors, which included tasks such as carpenters, glazers, ironworkers, laborers, waterproofers, roofers and masons, utilized the platforms to the fullest extent in completing the structural steel and exterior facade elements.

“Hydro Mobile offers six different models to answer the specific needs of any trade in the industry”, explains Bill Lederman of Marr Scaffolding. “The work area is ideal for all trades and all types of materials. Decks are 1,6 m to 2,1 m wide, lengths go from 1 m to 42 m, and all models have a lower working area. Hydro Mobile mast climbers offer a safe, ergonomic and comfortable work environment and contribute to improve onsite productivity.”

The Avenir, another project marking the rejuvenation of the historic district of Bulfinch Triangle, is developed by Arch Stone Smith and will be completed by July 2009.

Source: Hydro Mobile Inc.

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