The Innovation That Revolutionizes Site Operations

The world leader in the construction and sale of jaw-action bucket crushers, MB S.p.A. manufactures four basic models for excavators in the 8 to more than 28 tons.

MB produced the world’s very first bucket crusher, thus inventing market niche.

Productivity is high – the crushed material can be recycled directly on site resulting in a significant reduction of costs. On the other hand, the level of versatility is very high – all that is needed is a standard excavator in order to work efficiently.

The MB bucket crusher is a hydraulic tool, designed starting from traditional jaw crusher technology, although unlike a conventional crusher, a bucket crusher is operated by hydraulic power provided by the excavator on which it is installed, with which it functions in synergy.

The bucket makes it possible to pick up the rock to be crushed and then to pile it onto trucks or use it for back filling on the site, thus speeding up worksite processes.

The reduction in costs is clear because this system makes it possible to reuse inert materials without having to take them to a landfill, thus saving on disposal costs, while the ability to crush different types of materials makes it possible to use them directly on the building site.

Thanks to their production capacity, MB bucket crushers can be utilised in small, medium-sized and large worksites.
Thanks to consolidated mechanical engineering know-how and constant investments in technology and innovation, MB products improve work quality and provide the ideal solution to all problems associated with crushing.

Iron separator
Thanks to MB’s ongoing research to find innovative solutions capable of simplifying crushing operations, their new iron separator system provides a solution to an enduring problem – the difficulty of separating ferrous metals out of crushed inert materials.

Available for all MB bucket crusher, this device is composed of a 250 kg magnet, a magnet support, and an installation kit. This new device is straightforward to install.

Source: MB S.p.A.

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