Brand New CityCat 1000, Ideal for Sweeping Jobs in Confined Areas

Bucher Schörling is launching the new CityCat 1000 compact sweeper as a perfect addition at the lower end of its wide range of efficient, professional and proven sweepers. Like all the larger models, the CityCat 1000 is particularly robustly built, safe and reliable in operation.

The CityCat 1000 is powered by an environmentally-friendly, oil-cooled Deutz 3-cylinder diesel engine and comes either with front-wheel steering or optionally with four-wheel steering for maximum
maneuvrability and directional stability. With its slender frame, the machine is ideal for operating in even the tightest of spaces. Its superb agility has always been a hallmark of Bucher Schörling sweepers, as is its premium Swiss quality.

With its overall height of less than 2 m and a machine width of barely more than 1 m, the CityCat 1000 is the ideal sweeper for all confined spaces and areas with limited access. It is the perfect solution for sweeping larger premises, car parks, shopping centers, factory sites and housing estates. Needless to say, another of its strengths is cleaning urban environments with cramped pavements and narrowed streets like those in traffic-calmed residential areas.

Two large leading brushes, each with a diameter of 700 mm and hydraulic brush pressure adjustment, sweep a path up to 2,2 m wide. Both the brushes are mounted on robust arms, designed kinematically to allow independent brush control and let the brushes swing out of the way of obstacles on encountering too much resistance. The brush speed is infinitely variable.

The CityCat 1000 is incredibly simple and convenient to maintain and service. All the engine components are clearly arranged, with quick access provided by easy-to-open service panels featuring magnetic closures. Superior ease of maintenance is just one more aspect that makes this sweeper a truly professional machine.

Source: Bucher Schörling

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