Small Loader with a Big Heart


Clover Flat Landfill, in St. Helens, California, is a Construction and Demolition (C&D) facility located a short distance from Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling. The operation began about a year ago when company president Bob Pestoni noticed that a lot of the refuse being dumped at the landfill could be diverted for scrap.

Adam Waters, operations manager explains that diverting this material for scrap recycling improves the environment by reducing the amount of material going to landfills and by reducing the amount of raw material that must be taken out of the earth to make room for it. “For the diversion program, we aim for 60-70%, and on average we are probably pretty close to that,” he says, adding that with current volume reaching 100 t each day, he has already seen a significant decrease in the amount of material ending up at the landfill.

“The single most common material pulled from the landfill is wood waste including construction lumber which generates about 10 to 15 t a day. All of that used to go to the landfill,” he says.

The wood waste is extracted and ground up with much of it coming off of the picking line at the C&D facility and run through a screener. Some of the wood chips get sold and the rest gets composted. “Nothing goes to waste,” says Adam Waters who speculates that Mr. Pestoni will find even more uses for it in the future. “Perhaps the wood can be used for biomass energy. Maybe even use it to generate power for the facility some day,” he says.

With nine out of the company’s 13 employees working on the picking line, much of the work is done by hand or with the assistance of traditional front-end loaders with bucket and thumb attachments. However, it was obvious there was something more the company needed as it sought to improve productivity and efficiencies. They found it in the Sennebogen 305 Multihandler. As part of the company’s green line, it is the world’s first Multihandler featuring a hydraulic hi-rise operator’s cab with an eye level of 4,0 m and being able to reach a lifting height of 7,3 m. This unique machine, with an operating weight of 11,3 t, is outfitted with a 124 hp engine.

Greater reach and loading ability
The Sennebogen 305 Multihandler is well suited for all loading operations (including sea container loading with special attachments) as well as lifting operations that require extra reach. The hydraulically controlled quick-change mechanism with an extra-wide quick-change plate has a very large tip angle, offering optimal shovel control. This ensures clean, fast and efficient tipping with minimal debris lost during travel as well as minimum material left in the bucket when dumping.

Some models also have an optional longer XL telescopic boom. This provides the operator with an extended reach and lift height of 9 m. Greater reach and loading ability means that the operator can access heights and dump materials that traditional telehandlers or forklifts cannot do.

“Our wheel loaders don’t even come close to doing all of that or getting up that high. We would have to build a ramp to load our trailers with our CAT 966, and a Skytrak wouldn’t work as well either because it’s not made for tamping down the material in the drop box. The bucket on the 305 drops down two to three feet so we can actually reach down into the box and tamp the material down so stuff doesn’t fall out. That’s what I really like. We just don’t get that kind of reachability with the other loader,” says Mr. Waters. This is also a practical benefit when using high side trailers to get the material to the landfill as the 305 allows them to tamp everything down for a safer trip down the road.

A bird’s-eye view of the job
Its dimensions, measuring only 4,8 m long, 2,5 m high and 2,48 m wide, combined with three different steering systems including crab steering, all wheel steering and front wheel steering allow the Multihandler to work in tight areas which is a key feature for operators at Clover Flat Landfill.

However, one of the Multihandler’s most unique features is one that Mr. Waters appreciates the most is the innovative hydraulic hi-rise cab. The ability to raise and lower the cab offers operators less guesswork and more precision – to better see where they are going, what they are moving and where they are taking it, giving them a bird’s-eye view of the job.

Source: Sennebogen LLC

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