Hanson Pipe & Precast Supports Environment with Stormceptor® OSR

Hanson Pipe & Precast, a leader in the concrete products industry, is continuing its focus on sustainability and improving the environment with the introduction of the Stormceptor® Oil & Sand Removal (OSR) stormwater quality device - the smallest and most economical stormwater solution. With the same proven performance as the Stormceptor® line of separators, which remove more pollutants from stormwater than any other separator, Stormceptor® OSR removes larger sand particles and spills removal, while improving water quality for minimal time and cost.

“The Stormceptor® OSR offers the quality performance of our Stormceptor® products, but in a more compact, easy to install version that promotes a safer environment,” said Bob Christensen, senior vice president, Hanson Pipe & Precast East Region.

The Stormceptor® OSR meets Ministry of Environment (MOE) guidelines, treats approximately 90% of average annual runoff and provides hydrocarbon spill protection in wet and dry weather. The highly efficient separator achieves greater than 80% removal of 75 µ and larger particles and is optimized for sand removal with increased maximum hydraulic capacity.

“Our infrastructure is in need of efficient, reliable systems,” added Mr. Christensen. “The Stormceptor® OSR proves that such solutions do not have to be complex.”

Designed to be an economical and easy solution, the Stormceptor® OSR offers quick installation, saving time, energy and cost. It can be used as a bend structure and its features make it highly compatible with existing infrastructure for new, redevelopment or retrofit applications.

The Stormceptor® OSR includes four complimentary inspections, convenient maintenance and easy unit entrance. With more than 25 000 units worldwide, the Stormceptor® product line provides optimum protection.

Source: Hanson Pipe & Precast

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