Python Introduces the Python 5000

Python Manufacturing is proud to introduce the new generation of its revolutionary one-person operated pothole patcher – the Python 5000.

The 5000 is the only one-person operated pothole patcher that uses any standard hot or cold asphalt mix. You can either fill up at the nearest asphalt plant, or use a cold mix which is readily available and can be stored indefinitely.

Les Hulicsko, Python president and developer of the Python 5000, says, “The patches are of such high quality that they can outlast the pavement around them.”

The 5000 can operate in all kinds of weather – meaning road repairs do not need to stop in the winter. Mr. Hulicsko points out, “With this machine, you can get a lot more roads in good shape in a lot shorter time.” A single operator using the Python 5000 can go through approximately three times as much asphalt as a crew using traditional methods would go through in the same amount of time. Stated another way, the 5000 can cover approximately three times as much ground, or fix three times as many potholes as could a crew using traditional methods.

Even more important, the operator of a Python 5000 stays safely inside the machine during the entire operation. A crew, on the other hand, is exposed to the traffic, which regularly results in serious injuries and fatalities.

Python’s pothole patcher has been used very successfully and profitably for many years. The new 5000 has several new features, including an ultra-comfortable cab, and an optional electric generator for keeping asphalt warm overnight.

Python Manufacturing Inc. also manufactures a full line of top-quality street sweepers, with more than 30 years of experience in building quality pavement maintenance equipment.

Source: Python Manufacturing


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